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call johnnyHello and welcome to Texas Frame and Collision in Austin, Texas. Our specialty is fixing up your fender benders and car crashes. We love to get a car that has been in a wreck and is all crumbled up because when we get done, that car is going to look brand new. There is no body damage that we cannot fix. It is like art. Texas Frame and Collision has been serving Austin, Texas for a little over forty years. Johnny Garcia has raised his kids while working in the shop and not several of these children work in the shop bringing you the great service you have come to expect and count on. Texas Frame and Collision does little jobs and we do big jobs. We take pride in what we do.
We specialize in body work and we also do frame work on all vehicles. Details, painting, and suspension work are our bread and butter. Texas Frame and collision does 99% insurance work. We offer value for the customers that probably no other body shop in Austin offers.
So if you have wreck, come find us. We will save you time and money. Your car will thank you.