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3 Tricks Car Salesmen Use to Take your Money

How to Overcome 3 Tricks Car Salesmen Use to Take your Money. Purchasing a vehicle from a dealership can be an anxiety inducing experience. What I discovered was that the number one emotion women felt when considering buying a vehicle was ANXIETY followed by uncertainty. In this article we will review 3 tricks that dealers and car salesman use that cause this anxiety and uncertainty. I will teach you how to overcome these feelings, and become immune to the tricks. The worst thing that can happen to us as consumers is purchasing something and quickly regretting it. This is called […]

Heavy Rain In Austin – Be Careful Out There

With all this rain coming down in Austin, remember to be careful out there on these roads.  Not only do they get slick, but people around here tend to drive a little crazy under adverse weather conditions.  Take your time and be cautious.  Now if you do happen to get in a wreck, give us a call.  It is no big deal as long as you go to the right auto body place.  You can trust us at Texas Frame and Collision.  We will fix up any problem your automobile body can have.  Give us a call.

What do you get from Texas Frame?

Texas Frame is one of the Premier Auto Body and Repair shops in Central Texas. We are family-owned and have been serving the Austin and Central Texas area for over 25 years. We carry the highest reputation in auto collision and body repair because of our commitment to professionalism, quality and ethics not often found in our industry.

Don’t Let Insurance Choose Your Auto Body Shop

You do not have to choose the company the insurance tells you to go with. It will save you money to shop around and get multiple quotes from auto body places that are not connected to your insurance. Give us a call and we will save you money and give you a more fair deal when it comes to automobile body repair.